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Help us in raising funds to ensure our Heroes receive quality mental health treatment

First Responder Shield of Hope Decal 

First Responder Sticker FINAL DIRECITION

Symbol Of Protection

The shield represents protection, strength and an unwavering commitment towards protecting and serving this great country and its citizens. Day in and day out they have put others first, put America first.  

Colors of Service

Every color within the shield represents an American service profession within the First Responder and Military/Veteran Community. 

  • Red- Fire Fighters / Coast Guard / Marine Corps

  • White- Ems / National Guard / Veterans

  • Blue- Police Officers / Air Force / Navy

  • yellow - Dispatchers

  • green - Border Patrol / Army

  • grey - Correctional Officers

Symbol Of Support

Those who have served have a risk of experiencing and/or witnessing trauma. We as Americans need to ensure that our guardians have the resources they need to overcome the struggles that come with serving. They are Americas Shield and we must be strong and hold that shield high.

100% of all proceeds goes towards getting our Military, Veterans, First Responders and their families into quality PTSD, Mental Health and Addiction Treatment Programs

If you need immediate mental health help, call the national suicide hotline: 1-800-273-8255
Join The Weekly Tough Conversation On Trauma 
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