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The SUPHEROES Foundation is 501(c)3 registered public charity. Our mission is to support the mental health of our Veterans, Military, First Responders and their families. We partner with amazing organizations that are dedicated towards creating mental health resiliency within a safe environment so that Veterans, Military, First Responders and their families are able to address the many issues that they face. Our partners and their programs help professionals to look at complicated underlying issues that fuel problematic behaviors in each of the six dimensions identified below. These Issues are connected and can be confusing to address. They provide professional support to individuals who need help organizing and overcoming complex mental health and substance concerns. Within a short amount of time, they help First Responders identify goals, skills, and motivators that allow them to overcome personal challenges and to create a fulfilling life in their home environment. We work with our partners to remove the barriers that prevent our Heroes from receiving the quality treatment they deserve. Sometimes it's as simple as eliminating individual and family travel cost to treatment, or it involves filling in the gap financially for their high deductible and out of pocket costs. The end goal is to ensure every Hero that suffers from PTSD, mental health and addiction has the ability to receive top quality education and treatment without the fear of being financially burdened.


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Founded by a retired U.S. Coast Guardsman, The SUPHEROES Foundation is a (pending) 501c3 Non-Profit organization dedicated towards supporting the mental health of our Veterans, Military, and First Responders. Our Heroes endure countless complex and traumatic experiences throughout their careers and there are physical and mental health consequences associated with public safety and repeated exposure to trauma. The Consequences of unresolved psychological pain and stress can be life threatning and hard to identify. They often present as job stress (PTSD, anxiety, depression, etc.), familial adversity, social stress and substance abuse. We aim to ensure our heroes have access to quality resources and financial assistance that ensures all of these issues get addressed within a safe environment. Established in 2020 the SUPHEROES Foundation is dedicated towards eliminating the barriers that our heroes have towards recieving QUALITY mental health services, education and treatment. Our team and amazing partners believe that we can create a solid foundation of substainable support for our Heroes so that they can focuse on the Healing they so rightly deserve!

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If you are interested in supporting our heroes mental health we would love to have a conversation with you! Local businesses owners are leaders within their communities and can have a huge impact towards supporting the mental health of our heroes. Please contact us to learn more about how you can support our foundation.

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An open source network of local businesses that choose to be vocal and visual about their support of our servicemen and women. This is FREE and open to all of our heroes.

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The shield represents protection, strength and an unwavering commitment towards protecting and serving this great country and its citizens. Day in and day out they have put others first, put America first.  You can spread awareness and support our mission by purchasing a First Responder Shield Decal today!


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Note:Our mission is to support our Heroes in finding and participating in quality Mental health and PTSD Programs. We are not able to provide financial assistance at this time if it does not relate to the cost of treatment.  

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If you need immediate mental health help, call the national suicide hotline: 1-800-273-8255
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