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Supporting The Mental Health Of

Our Nations Heroes And Their Families

First Responder Resiliency Programs

Rebuilding and improving the ability to function after traumatic and/or stressful experiences can be overwhelming. Our partners program helps professionals to look at complicated underlying issues that fuel problematic behaviors in each of the six dimensions identified below. These Issues are connected and can be confusing to address. They provide professional support to individuals who need help organizing and overcoming complex mental health and substance concerns. Within a short amount of time, they help First Responders identify goals, skills, and motivators that allow them to overcome personal challenges and to create a fulfilling life in their home environment.

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Education & Outreach

The SUPHEROES FOUNDATION and its partners travel to different government departments to educate them on our resources for their employees and how we can contribute towards creating mental health resiliency for our heroes. 

If you need immediate mental health help, call the national suicide hotline: 1-800-273-8255
Join The Weekly Tough Conversation On Trauma 
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